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12 Days TCM Health Cultivation Cultural Tour in Beijing/Sanya This tour is ideal for those who wish to revitalize their body and soul and escape the stress of their daily lives.
Best season: All year around
Price: From US$1680/per person

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13 Days Beijing/Guiyang/Sandu/Rongjiang/Zhaoxing/Guilin/Shanghai
This trip focuses on bringing you closer to ethnic minority's amazing custom, architecture, food, and traditions
Best season: All year around
Price: From US$1260/per person


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13 Days Beijing/Xian/Jiuzhaigou/Zhangjiajie/Shanghai
Jiuzhaigou & Zhangjiajie National Parks provide spectacular scenery making them as China's most treasured scenic sites
Best season: March to November
Price: From US$1480/per person


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14 Days Beijing/Qufu/Yangzhou/Nanjing/Chengdu/Guangzhou
During the gourmet trip, you will have opportunities to taste the most prestigious cuisines of China respectively
Best season: All year around
Price: From US$1480/per person


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16 Days Beijing/Xian/Dunhuang/Urumqi/Turpan/Kashgar/Shanghai
Silk Road is the world's oldest and most historically important trade routes and its influences on the culture of China and Central Asia.
Best season: April to October
Price: From US$1790/per person

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14 Days Beijing/Datong/Taiyuan/Pingyao/Xian/Shanghai
The itinerary features some of the most famous landmarks and World Cultural Heritage sites: Great Wall, Forbidden City, Terra-cotta Warriors, Yungang Grottoes, and Pingyao Ancient Town.
Best seasons: March to November
Price: From US$1420/per person


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14 Days Beijing/Xian/Yangxian/Panda Nature Reserve/Shanghai
Giant Panda and Crested Ibis are China’s national treasure animals. You will have opportunity to see wild them at their habitat through the trip.
Best seasons: November to April
Price: From US$1280/per person

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12 Days Beijing/Xian/Luoyang/Shaolin Temple/Shanghai
Chinese Gongfu is the crystallization of Chinese practical knowledge and wisdom. Shaolin Gongfu is the essence of traditional Gongfu. You will have a chance to learn its marrow through the trip.
Best seasons: March to November
Price: From US$1160/per person


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14 Days Beijing/Xian/Three Gorges/Mount Huang/Shanghai
Cruise along the mighty Yangtze River to experience the breathtaking scenery. Mt. Huang is a key scenic site in China
Best season: March to November
Price: From US$1690/per person
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