Customized Study Tour Program in China

At China Education Abroad we specialize in customizing study tour programs in China to fit your academic desires and budget as well as students’ interests and needs. After understanding your needs through early communication, our study tour program team can provide you professional assistance in planning a customized itinerary because they know China inside and out. They will work closely with you and your college/university address all your concerns from visa application, air ticket booking, hotel reservation, ground transportation, cultural activities to business visit arrangement and so on. Whether we are leading social, environmental or zoological programs into China’s remote provinces, minority villages, and harsh regions, or taking faculty & students to factories, hospitals and courts, our goal is to foster you a better understanding of our diverse nation.

The health and safety of faculty and students traveling in China is a top priority and will be taken into account when customizing the travel itineraries. Carefully selected hotels and restaurants, trained drivers and professional tour guide will be used for hosting your group.

For business study abroad to China as example, we have worked closely with the faculty who will lead the students to China and administrators to design custom business study tours for students hoping to gain insight into China’s recent economic boom.  We arrange visits to different ownership of factories, wholesale and retail businesses, and universities from Hong Kong to Beijing, Shanghai to bring students to the source of the fastest growing economy in the world.  We arrange lectures and discussions with professors, managers, and workers. We also lead them to visit impoverished rural China where China’s workforce originates. The business study tours have been a great success in the past.

This is solely an example and we lead all types of trips. We can create an itinerary that will satisfy your needs and requests. Please let us know the purpose of your China study tour program and tell us what your interest as well as where you want to go etc, we will provide a professional assistance for customizing your China trip. For more information, please feel free to contact us:

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