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 Some of our faculty and students share their impressions on the experience of  traveling with Education Abroad China as below:


“Thank you again for wonderful time together. Our group thoroughly enjoyed the trip and your usual careful organization and attention to detail made it another memorable trip. Even the repeaters like the Van Ornams have commented repeatedly that this was really a good trip. Thank you for your key role in making it a success.”  Prof. Braam Oberholster from Southern Adventist University (2005  2007  2009  2011  2013) 
             2005                       2007                         2009                          2011                       2013 
“It truly was a wonderful trip and I owe you a great debt for your smooth handling of all the details. I sometimes write up notes on my trips to China and elsewhere. I did one for my first trip to Chinese mainland in 1974, and have done some for my bicycle trips in Europe, but it has been a long time since I did notes from a China trip. This year I especially enjoyed the trip, so I decided to do some notes.”  Prof. David Buck from University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee (2009  2011 2014)
                   2009                            2011                                2014 
”I want you to be assured that you did an excellent job arranging my trip in January. It was one of the hardest, and also one of the best. Really, I am extremely satisfied.”   Prof. Philip Brown from Colby College (2006  2009  2011)
                  2006                               2009                              2011  
“We very much appreciate the fantastic job that you and your company have done for our students and the university over the past several years. I have learned from Walt and students how you always provided the best possible service and did so many extra things to make these visits exceptional.”   Prof. Sam Zeveloff from Weber State University (2009  2010)
                2009                         2010
"I have been thinking about our visit next March, and have decided that we would like to come to Beijing this year,  2014. Thank you for getting in touch and let's plan on our next visit"     Prof. Ruth Clarke from Nova Southeastern University (2012, 2014)
"I would like to thank you for all of the time, effort, and care that you put into tending to our group. Your work has made our trip as memorable as I can imagine. You are most certainly appreciated and definitely welcome if ever on this side of the world. I wish you all the best and look forward to seeing you on my next trip to China." MBA James J. Richardson from Nova Southeastern University (2012)
               2012                               2014
"Thanks again for a great program. I really felt like it was flawless"   Prof. Katherine Kaup from Furman Univer
“Thank you for the wonderful experience my students and I had during our two weeks of traveling across China. I have been leading study abroad programs for a quite a few years. Among all the travel agencies/tour companies I have ever worked with, yours was by far the most superior. My students and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and your thoughtful planning and organization made it as memorable as one can possibly imagine. I have been in the search for a reputable, high-quality travel agency for a long time, and I am thrilled that now the search is finally over. I need to look no further for my future study abroad trips in China since you and your team are no doubt the best of the best.”     Dr. Wendy Xie from Applachian State University
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