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At Education Abroad China, we specialize in designing educational programs that bring you closer to understanding China. Whether you are leading social, environmental programs into China’s remote provinces, minority villages, or taking students & faculty to factories, hospitals or courts, our goal is to foster a better understanding of our diverse nation.
As an example,  we have led study abroad programs that focus on business. In this case, we have worked closely with the faculty who will lead the students in China, as well as administrators of the school  to design the client's tour who hope to gain insight into China's recent economic boom. We arrange visits to wholesale and retail businesses, as well as publicly and privately operated factories, which all have different styles of management. In addition, we arrange visits to universities in Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai in order to bring students closer to the source of the fastest growing economy in the world. In addition, we can arrange lectures and discussions with professors, managers, and employees. We can also arrange visits to impoverished areas of rural China, which is where most of China's workforce originates. The business study tours have been a great success in the past.
This is solely an example and we lead all types of trips. We can create an itinerary that will satisfy your needs and requests. Please let us know what your interests are, destinations you wish to visit, or whether you are particularly interested in specific topics such as geography, biodiversity, art, culture and historical heritage, traditional Chinese medicine, kongfu, hiking, bird watching, camping, wildlife viewing/outdoor activities, etc.
For more details please email us: eac@eduabroadchina.com
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